"We are specialist in thermal engineering"

Engineering Supply

We provided design and construction for thermal plant, boiler and steam distribution system, combustion grate and plant layout design.

Air Pollution Equipment

We provided design, fabrication and installation for air pollution equipment control in factory such as wetscrubber, multicyclone, bag filter, and ESP.

EPCM; Contractor Service

We provide in range of turn key project, engineerinng procurment and construction, MEP system, thermal plant, we provide one stop service for tharmal plant, power plant, renewable energy and waste heat energy.

Biomass Boiler, NG Boiler

We' re distributor of boier capacity 0.5 t/h - 30 t/h; fuel : LPG, NG biomass, wood pellet, coal, water tube boiler, fired tube boiler and once through boiler .

Steam Process Design

We provide design steam distribution, installation and fabrication main equipment such as heat exchanger, water heater, oil heater, condensate tank, piping steam and condensate return.

Service & Maintenance

We provide service and maintenance boiler that improved efficientcy, so we have a service contract package for annual maintenance.

Performance reliability intelligent suitable

Steam Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd


Installation & Commisioning

We have a team with more experience in erection boiler and comissioning test run.

Combustion Grate Furnace

Improved your furnace to high efficiently. service and maintenance your grating. we have experienced in grate fire furnace such as reciprocating grate, chain grate, dump.

Steam Distribution

SEC provides a full range of engineering, purcrement and construction in thermal plant, steam distribution system so that our experience can help you maintan your time, cost, quality and efficientcies.

Process Heating

We provides about thermal engineering, heating process, heating equipment such as heating coil, hot water generator, electric steam boiler, hot oil and equipment.

Heat Recovery System

We provides design and farbrication for thermal equipment such as economizer, conderser, air heater, evaporator etc.

Machine Control

We provides and developed smart boiler, smart machine for your factory.

Main Equipment Supply

We provide in range of engineering, farbrication and installation for thermal plant and power plant such as stack, dearator and feed tank, water heater, air preheater, economizer, condenser

Conveyor System

We supply feeding fuel conveyor such as belt conveyor, screw conveyor, chain conveyor and special design for your require.

Structure Fabrication

We supply in range of design, fabrication, installation included with drawing, and engineering document


We provide in scope of EPC engineering procurment and construction about boiler, thermal plant, balance of plant, utility plant, fuel conveyor, piping system.

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